Get your Dog Back to Active with a Canine Knee Brace

Dog Braces
October 25, 2017

Dogs can have a reputation for getting themselves into trouble that results in injury. Most of these basic injuries are not serious, but you should still take the pooch to the vet if the injury continues to get worse. We love our best friend and want them to have the medical care they need if they have a serious injury. Joint injuries consisting of tears to ligaments are the most common of treatable dog injuries and also one of the most difficult to notice.

This is because the injury may start out small with no bloody injury visible. This is something we might just brush off in the beginning. After a time, the injury can get worse. It is called a “repetitive motion injury” at this point. It gets worse because the ligaments in a joint tear more and get deeper when the canine does not move the joint properly. A canine knee brace will come in handy.

One of the more common injuries in dogs is that of the Anterior Cruciary Ligament. This injury compromises movement of the knee and will worsen over time without proper care. Most often, veterinarians will use a knee brace specifically designed for your dog. This keeps the dog’s leg from extending too far while bracing the leg and knee into a healthier movement range. In this case, the leg is allowed to heal as the motion is buffered. Then it will no longer continue to worsen. Instead, the dog’s mobility will be improved and their quality of life improves while the injury heals.

canine knee brace

Since dogs have four strong legs, they are prone to get up to four ligament damages at a time. That sounds like a huge veterinarian bill right from the start. Visions of dog surgery and weeks of recovery come to mind. Actually, surgery is often not necessary and the injuries can be stabilized to promote faster recovery. The braces designed for this usually come from top companies interested in providing the best orthotics and prosthetics on the market so your dog leads a normal life.

It is important to understand a knee brace alone will not work as well without some physical therapy and rehabilitation for your dog. This means you will need to take them in to lean exercises that will help keep the injured area strong and flexible. In the event of more serious injuries, these braces and physical therapy become all that more important. Dog knees left untreated could sustain permanent damage otherwise.

When your dog does have this kind of injury, it is time to go to the vet and find out how extensive the damage is. Ask your veterinarian what the best brace will be best for the dog and the nature of the injury. This will be a brace that has a comfortable, adjustable fit and has been extensively tested to show the best orthopedic results. You end up with a happier dog with an improved lifestyle. If your dog’s leg is injured, seek professional care immediately.